Skirmish & Slots #5: The GodStitcher


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Skirmish & Slots #5: The GodStitcher Empty Skirmish & Slots #5: The GodStitcher

Post by Disengager Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:48 am

Skirmish & Slots #5: The GodStitcher Ixe67lv

Skirmish & Slots 5: The GodStitcher

Description of contest

Skirmish & Slots is a contest, where participants create an AMV, using a randomized combination of music and video. Contest is divided into stages.

Stage 1. Submitting sources. Each participant adds 3 music tracks and 3 video sources into the bank.
Stage 2.  Accessing the bank. After all the sources have been submitted, the bank of music and video will be revealed to the participants.
Stage 3. Removing sources (Baning). Every participant has an option to vote and remove 1 music track and 1 video source from the bank.
Stage 4. The GodStitcher and Roll stage. Before the Roll stage starts, participants can unite into teams. Team capacity — 2 participants. If participants decided not to unite into team, in Roll stage each of them receives 2 random music tracks and 2 random video sources. Next, the participants have to make a AMVs using these.
Stage 5. Re-Roll. Once per contest the participants have an option to replace their sources. That’s where the additional bank is being used. Additional bank formed from banned sources.


Minimum duration — 1:30
Stage 2 starts at June 14th.
Stage 3 starts at June 17th.
Stage 4 starts at June 19th.
Deadline at June 26th.

You can read detailed rules and contact the organizers for registration. Registration deadline is June 14th.


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