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Zona AMV - 7° Gold AMV Contest

Post by Sebacarp on Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:39 pm

Zona AMV have proud to announce the 7° Gold AMV, the first big hispanic AMV Contest hosted by the community!
The idea of this contest is born with the intention of giving hispanic editors an opportunity to confront each other, but this year we hope to foreign editors, as well as to make the competition even more interesting!






- Only one AMV per person is allowed. (No Collabs, No MEP´s)
-Entry: exclusive and non exclusive.
- Videos published before November 1st 2015 are prohibited from entering.
- Thematic: Drama, Dance, Horror-Psichodelic are allowed
(Any other entry are prohibited).

- Deadline: November 30th 2016.

Download Official Logo Contest

For any doubt, post in this topic or send a message here:


Good luck to all!!

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