ViralTeam IC 2 - INFERNO Zero

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ViralTeam IC 2 - INFERNO Zero

Post by Redassaut [Amv] on Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:51 am

Viral Team IC 2 - INFERNO Zero

Hi guys, here we are again with the second edition of ViralTeam IC, INFERNO Zero !
It will last 3 days, from april 23rd to april 26th.
We hope to gather even more people than last year so join guys, don't be shy !


? Information

The IC will start on april 23rd 20h00 and end on april 26th 23h59 (gmt+1).
The songs' pack will be posted at the beginning of the IC.
You can post your AMV on the forum or give it to one of the 4 judges.

Rules and concept

The rules are easy, you must realize an AMV using a song from the pack.

You must register on this topic :
The AMV must last at least 1min30 (without intro/outro).
We accept .avi, .mp4, .mkv, .wmv.
The AMV mustn't exceed 300mo.
Every animation footage is allowed.
You can do an AMV in solo, a collab, or a MEP.
Subtitles and logos will be penalized, unless they have a meaning in your AMV's concept.
About the songs, you will have an extremely large choice, that's why we have classified them by themes in order to make your choice easier.
However, you are allowed to edit the song you will have chosen the way you want to do it, your song's choice doesn't determine at all
the type of AMV (action / fun / horror / romance...) that you will realize, you are totally free on this point.
The ranking will be a general one gathering all the AMVs realized during the IC, there will also be some special prizes
(completely independent from the ranking) awarded by each of the judges.
Thoses are the rules to follow.
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Re: ViralTeam IC 2 - INFERNO Zero

Post by Rayden on Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:15 pm

Looks interesting Smile

Race In Peace
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